Hobbies & Sports

I have many interests and hope to share some QSO time with you. I have listed a few below.


From a very early age I learnt to love the ocean. I lived near Narrabeen beach on the northern suburbs of Sydney and enjoyed being able to surf with my friends before school, after school and weekends.

My first board was a Bennett 6ft 4inch pin nose area pin tail. Over the years I have tried a few types of boards. Now I like to ride 2 types, a tough light board 7ft 1inch egg and a long board 9ft 1-3/4inch old style mal.

Greg Cogar surfing Golf Course Reef July 2016


I first started Bodysurfing at "The basin" a small beach on the east coast NSW Australia. On the right conditions the basin waves rise out of the deep water and break close to shore tubing with enormous power.

I enjoy Bodysurfing very much, the pure rush of extreme exhilaration and pleasure is something you must try one day soon.

Greg Cogar bodysurfing

Kingdom of Fungi

Many years ago I joined the Sydney Fungal Studies Group and began enjoying the amazing Kingdom of Fungi

I discovered many interesting facts about fungi and began to photograph and study fungi in my area. The world would be a very different place if fungi didn't exist and the life cycle of fungi play a key role in bushland ecology. Without fungi life on earth as we know it would cease to exist.

Fungi are not plants & obtain nutrients in different ways. Some plants have a direct association with fungi and without this Mycorrhizal relationship the plants wouldn't exist.

Most people get confused when they speak about edible mushrooms verses poisonous toadstools. The usage of these two terms suggests that all edible fungi are called a mushroom and a fungus that is poisonous is called a toadstool. This is not the case and only when you study mycology do you begin to understand how difficult it is to know whether a fungi is in fact edible and of any true value as a nutritional meal.

Greg Cogar Amanita Muscaria

Greg Cogar Boletus Mushroom

Greg Cogar Lepiota Mushroom

Greg Cogar Lactarius Deliciosus