Guest Comments

Some of these comments have been migrated from old websites I have had over the years. Add comments on my Contact page

Date: Tue 31 July , 2018
Callsign: K6LPM
Guest: Brian Suarez
Comments: Thanks for 20meter QSO enjoyed your webpage. Look forward to ragchewing on 20m again soon.

Date: Fri 8 June , 2018
Callsign: AG7KO
Guest: Scott Slater
Comments: It was my pleasure to have a QSO with you today!! i don't have many contacts with Australia and new Zealand so any contact is a good one for me. Your signal was very strong on the west coast and Washington State. 73 and have a great weekend!

Date: Sat 2 June , 2018
Callsign: KC6RCM
Guest: Douglas Gomez
Comments: Enjoyed the QSO, Greg.

Date: Fri 1 June , 2018
Callsign: VK2AGD
Guest: Martin
Comments: Nice to catch up with you.

Date: Tue 12 December , 2017
Callsign: ZL3OZ
Guest: Ken
Comments: Hi Greg. Nice website. We have talked on various bands, by your log more than I had realised. Catch you again on air. Cheers. Ken

Date: Sat 11 November , 2017
Callsign: ZL3PX
Guest: Geoff
Comments: Great contact on 6m Greg great web site well done

Date: Wed 1 November , 2017
Callsign: ZL1OW
Guest: Ray
Comments: nice to catch up with you again Greg, I'm just getting myself setup again..

Date: Sun 20 August , 2017
Callsign: VK2LEE
Guest: Lee Noonan
Comments: I see from Your logbook We have had many contacts on many bands over the past years. Great to talk to You again. Great looking hex beam there. I didn't think these would be successful in windy coastal areas.

Date: Thu 6 July , 2017
Callsign: KG5JV
Guest: paul
Comments: Thanks for the contact. trying to absorb all the information you have provided. Great site you have.

Date: Wed 14 June , 2017
Callsign: VK3FFSB
Guest: Graeme ellis
Comments: Great to make the contact. 10/9 and great audio. 73

Date: Sun 22 January , 2017
Callsign: VK4CG
Guest: Martin Burch
Comments: Thnx for 1st QSO with you. look forward to future contacts. Great Website.Good selection of QSL cards portrayed.looks like a great lifestyle community where you live.73

Date: Fri 6 January , 2017
Callsign: VK2NNN
Guest: Darren
Comments: It's the best I've NEVER heard you

Date: Sun 11 December , 2016
Callsign: VK2MGC
Guest: Greg Cole
Comments: Thanks for the great contact on 10 metres yesterday Greg ,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 73s Greg vk2mgc

Date: Sat 18 October , 2014
Callsign: VK5FPAC
Guest: Robert
Comments: Was great having a chat and discovering the beautiful place you live and work in. Can't believe how clear and strong your signal was here to Adelaide. Always a pleasure to chat and will do again... Cheers, Bob

Date: Sun 8 December , 2013
Callsign: VK3NCR
Guest: Craig
Comments: Hi Greg,Thanks for the contact and your help with my radio.. Cheers mate. Craig

Date: Fri 1 November , 2013
Callsign: VK2GJC
Guest: greg
Comments: I have made some improvements to my OnAirLogbook program. I appreciate any comments and suggestions.

Date: Thu 17 October , 2013
Callsign: VK2BEN
Guest: Ben
Comments: Hi Greg, Nice to meet you on air last week! Good to encounter some like-minded people on the radio ;-) Hope to catch you again soon. 73, Ben

Date: Thu 23 May , 2013
Callsign: IS0FDW
Guest: Angelo
Comments: The work of the Log and surprising - I hope to finish it soon. Congratulations and Best Wishes. Angelo IS0FDW

Date: Fri 9 November , 2012
Guest: Bigcommerce Bridget
Comments: Hi Greg! Lovely site. :) Its always a pleasure to talk with you!

Date: Tue 6 November , 2012
Callsign: VK2GJC
Guest: Greg Cogar
Comments: This website has moved and is getting updated. Sorry there isn't a lot here at present. I will do some more soon.

Date: Fri 3 August , 2012
Callsign: F4CTJ
Guest: KARIM
Comments: HELLO Greg thanks for the very nice contact in 20m. congratulation for your log is very good receive my best 73's and good dx karim

Date: Sun 1 July , 2012
Callsign: OP7M
Guest: Marnix
Comments: Hi Greg I have a little look around on your very informative website, well done mate!Did you see the cluster today but bad force a chat.Take care and greetings to the whole fam. 73's op7m Marnix

Date: Sun 3 June , 2012
Callsign: N4OFF
Guest: Don
Comments: Greg, thanks for the QSO tonight on 10 meters. I think you were my first for your country.

Date: Fri 1 June , 2012
Callsign: KI6GHI
Guest: jim enos
Comments: a real pleasure chatting with you tonight/today, greg. good condtions. i'll try to find where the southern cross airplane is down there. it was one of our claims to fame: being the first plane to cross over from here to there. hope we can contact again, greg. 73 s to you jim ki6ghi

Date: Wed 16 May , 2012
Callsign: NM5TF
Guest: Tom Frost
Comments: thanx for 10 Meter QSO today Greg...I know it was very difficult copy for you...I was only using 25 Watts mobile rig into a mag mount antenna on roof of my truck...sometimes it works great & sometimes not so much....73 de Tom NM5TF

Date: Wed 16 May , 2012
Callsign: W4ALH
Comments: Thanks for the very nice QSO ..We do not get to chat with folks from down under too often. We run barefoot, 100 Wusing a Buxxcomm Dipole and an FT897D.

Date: Sun 29 April , 2012
Callsign: VK2FAD
Guest: John
Comments: Good work on the online logbook and interfacing.Add me to the list of takers Greg when you decide to publish it. Cheers John

Date: Tue 24 April , 2012
Callsign: W9FDA
Guest: Dave
Comments: Your log and QSL print page was fantastic. I printed my QSL on glossy photo paper, it looked great. Eventually everyone should have this system for instant QSL. No postage, no bureau no waiting....perfect. Thanks for QSO 73's Dave W9FDA

Date: Thu 5 April , 2012
Callsign: KR7K
Guest: Wade
Comments: Greg, Thanks for the nice QSO today on 15 Meters. I like the websites, The Body surfing looks like a riot. The Ontheair logbook program looks like a winner too. Please keep me in the loop on that! 73 and good DX! Wade - KR7K

Date: Sun 1 January , 2012
Callsign: ZL2JBR
Guest: John Brader
Comments: Hi greg appreciate the interesting contact on 20 today, please add me to your ïnterested persons list' regards the log book program.. 73's John

Date: Wed 21 December , 2011
Callsign: G3MLO
Guest: Peter
Comments: Thanks for the enjoyable contact Greg please keep me posted re qso and logbook software 73 Peter

Date: Mon 19 December , 2011
Callsign: Daddio11
Guest: Steve Jaunay
Comments: I've been bodysurfing since ... a long time ago, and want to celebrate my 60th birthday with a beach with warm water (I live in NZ) and good waves. Any suggestions for highest probable location, and best time of year? Regards, SJ

Date: Thu 15 December , 2011
Callsign: VK2BED
Guest: Ernie
Comments: Enjoyed your website Greg, hope to meet you on the airwaves some day, keep up the good work......73 de vk2bed.

Date: Thu 8 December , 2011
Callsign: ZL1BU
Guest: Graeme
Comments: Checked out your website Greg, I'm envious of your home environment, It looks real nice. Thanks for the 20m contact, catch up soon. best 73 to you and yours.

Date: Wed 7 December , 2011
Callsign: E77O
Guest: Slobodan/Bob
Comments: Nice photos Greg ! I hope meet You on the bands.Few days I am only with 40m ant.Soon QRV agn all bnds.73 to You and Family

Date: Fri 11 November , 2011
Guest: AIMZ
Comments: i sqw that you used to do mountainboarding and i recently tried it and am getting a board for xmas but dont know anywhere to go that not far from sydney, any ideas?

Date: Fri 30 September , 2011
Callsign: K7FEL
Guest: Wally
Comments: Nice chatting with you Hex to Hex. Great little 5 band antenna. Picture of mine on my QRZ page.

Date: Fri 23 September , 2011
Callsign: VK3HAK

Date: Sat 10 September , 2011
Callsign: N6RHH
Guest: Steve
Comments: Nice to meet you on 15 Greg. Thanks for the info on your Hex Beam. Nice web site too. I can understand why you don't mountainboard anymore. Yikes!

Date: Sun 31 July , 2011
Callsign: VK3YE
Guest: peter
Comments: Hi Greg - good to work you this afternoon. It was the first real test of a new ATU. The battery died so that's why I went suddenly. is a video of the setup and you're the last contact on it.

Date: Tue 28 June , 2011
Callsign: K2AJR
Guest: Alex
Comments: I very much enjoyed our QSO this morning... my first contact with Australia. 73, Alex

Date: Wed 22 June , 2011
Callsign: VK2WLD
Guest: Dave
Comments: Goodaye Greg, Great website. I hope to catch you on air one day or at one of the Mid South Coast meetings. 73s Dave

Date: Mon 13 June , 2011
Callsign: VK8GM
Guest: Greg
Comments: Good you work you Greg and hopefully we get you on 6m one day.

Date: Sat 30 April , 2011
Callsign: PA9JO
Guest: Jo
Comments: Good to work you, great signal (QRP) into Holland. Hope to meet soon again.

Date: Mon 25 April , 2011
Callsign: KF5DGF
Guest: Kenneth walford
Comments: great dxing your my first 10 meter contact thanks 73

Date: Sat 2 April , 2011
Callsign: ZL1LK
Guest: Roy Sargon
Comments: Great website Greg! Nice to have the QSO on 10 meters the other day. Hope to catch up with you again soon. Take care...

Date: Sat 2 April , 2011
Callsign: KB6BOB
Guest: Don Braun
Comments: Great signal into San Diego California on 24.965. Best Wishes Greg....

Date: Sun 20 February , 2011
Callsign: LadyBizBiz
Guest: Rhianne
Comments: Greg & Elsie Just thought I'd from by from Gower South Wales to wish you well and thank Greg for his comments via the LinkedIn Group. I'm not techie enough to do anything with the advice Greg, don't even know how to get to the style sheets! Any how, enough of that. Good wishes to you and the family and my 2011 bring you lots of Joy!

Date: Sun 9 January , 2011
Callsign: VK2GJC
Guest: Greg
Comments: Thank you all for you comments. I have just added a Callsign box to my form. Happy new year and Good DXing

Date: Sun 9 January , 2011
Guest: Adrian
Comments: Thanks for the great QSO on 10mtr and congratulations on your website its brilliant,all the best from Yorke Peninsula S.A.

Date: Mon 3 January , 2011
Guest: Tommy
Comments: thanks for great qso mate happy new year 2011

Date: Thu 2 December , 2010
Guest: Miguel
Comments: Congratulations for your page. Great DX with a piece of wire, 5/5 under the noise level but fantastic QSO 73 de CT3fm Best regards from Madeira Island

Date: Wed 20 October , 2010
Guest: Giorgio
Comments: Hi Greg, We had a QSO on October 17 but I can't find my callsign in your "Confirming QSO's" web page. Tell me if you like to receive my qsl card and I will send it to you via direct. Good dx, 73 Giorgio

Date: Wed 6 October , 2010
Guest: William Hemingway
Comments: Got you on Skype, now all we have to do is get on at the same time. Reason we lost contact on 17 was because I hadf a bad coacx jumper in Stodio "A".

Date: Tue 28 September , 2010
Callsign: IN3UFW
Guest: Marco
Comments: Greg tnx for kontakt in 29/09 tnx ciao from Italy

Date: Sat 28 August , 2010
Guest: Neil G
Comments: Great to say Hi ! Hexbeam was doing FB into NH, Hope we can work again...maybe Hex to Hex Nice website...Cheers.. 73 Neil AE1P

Date: Thu 19 August , 2010
Guest: Rhianne Griffiths
Comments: Hi Greg I thought I'd drop by and say hello. Thanks for your response in the LinkedIn group, I'm sad when I can't achieve something I've set my heart on ... I thought Artisteer would be so good for me. Looked at your lovely wedding pictures - you have lots to treasure that's for sure. Stay well and happy. BTW I live in an idyllic coastal location too... Gower Peninsula, Wales.

Date: Sat 7 August , 2010
Guest: Moody
Comments: I tried to log on for a qsl card. You were good copy 5-9 into Claremont, CA - near Los Angeles... on 8/7/10 about 4:38utc. All the best

Date: Sat 10 July , 2010
Guest: Bob DeMarco
Comments: Great to work you tonite 5X9 in CA

Date: Sun 6 June , 2010
Callsign: VK2LAW
Guest: Jason
Comments: Thanks for the QSO Greg,pleasure to work your station. Hope to QSO again soon 73 de VK2LAW

Date: Tue 25 May , 2010
Callsign: WA8Y
Guest: Steve Linley
Comments: Hi Greg, Enjoyed the mushroom pictures and all the rest. Nice meeting you. Thanks for your help with the web site. Steve

Date: Sun 16 May , 2010
Guest: erwin komala
Comments: thanks for returning my call Greg

Date: Tue 4 May , 2010
Guest: georges
Comments: Pleased to have you met you Greg !

Date: Wed 28 April , 2010
Guest: John
Comments: Well all I can say is your a great help to IO people like myself.

Date: Sat 10 April , 2010
Callsign: N5YCN
Guest: Tim Moore
Comments: QTH South Mississippi, Fantastic Contact Greg! Really great to meet you and work you! Look forward to talking to you again! '73 Tim

Date: Fri 9 April , 2010
Guest: YO2LZP
Comments: Thanks for the nice contact Greg!

Date: Wed 7 April , 2010
Guest: Jimmy Snufkin
Comments: Looks so simple, but easy to browse,m8.

Date: Wed 7 April , 2010
Guest: Greg Cogar
Comments: I have re-designed my website with a new layout.

Date: Wed 31 March , 2010
Guest: IZ5ILK Save
Comments: Hi Greg Nice work, very good site. Best 73 de Save IZ5ILK QSO on 20m. USB 31/03/2010 gmt: 06:55 rs:57

Date: Sat 20 February , 2010
Guest: Marco - EA1SB
Comments: Hi Greg, thank for the contact on 20 SSB by LP, I hope meet you again, nice web site...73, Marco

Date: Sun 14 February , 2010
Guest: Hauke
Comments: G'Day Greg, tnx fr the nice QSO. Very impressive website. I do like your Kingdom of Fungi. I think they are amazing. I do have a few photos of some fungi ( Interesting way of handling QSL-Cards. I was thinking along the same line for quite some time. Best 73 Hauke

Date: Sun 24 January , 2010
Guest: Dave Johnson
Comments: Hello Greg, Congratulations on a real first class web site. It's always a pleasure to hear you on the radio here in Georgia, USA. Dave - K4SSU

Date: Sat 16 January , 2010
Guest: Justin, IK6BGJ
Comments: Hi Greg, Thanks for the very nice qso.Big Signal,Big operator.I seen the photos and I have compliments for you and your Wife... See you soon .. Ciao, Justin

Date: Wed 30 December , 2009
Guest: Greg Smith VK2CW
Comments: Well hello - it's been a while. Looks like life is good in Ulladula. Love your web site - very slick indeed. 73 Greg VK2CW

Date: Sat 5 December , 2009
Guest: Graeme Jury
Comments: Nice to chat with you Greg. I was also a keen surfer and have ridden with Midge Farrelly. Hope we meet again, I have dropped you an eQSL sorry can't match your qsl. 73

Date: Fri 4 December , 2009
Guest: Tom Rowan VK4BR
Comments: Hi Greg, thanks for the chat, cheers Tom

Date: Fri 27 November , 2009
Guest: MASA / JE1SDO
Comments: Hi Greg, Thank you 1st QSO on 10m-band today. I found your data on and jumped into this FB web-site. I just put this message to here instead of QSL card exchange. CU 73 from YOKOHAMA

Date: Sat 14 November , 2009
Guest: Frank Woolfe
Comments: Gday Greg, Thanks for the chat, enjoyed Ulladulla when we visited early 2009, cheers Frank VK5KV..

Date: Sun 1 November , 2009
Guest: Dave Robson
Comments: great web page well done good to talk to you today on7095 73s Dave VK3FTBK ps try scuba diving its great

Date: Thu 21 May , 2009
Guest: Erik Roy .TI2ERS
Comments: Nice qso on the radio if you have time look into comming to Costa Rica fun place. I hope to hear you again.

Date: Wed 8 April , 2009
Guest: sid
Comments: hi greg, nice local pics. Is there a website where i can listen online live streaming to local amateur radio operators such as yourself? thanks cheers sid ulladulla

Date: Thu 19 March , 2009
Guest: John - VK2WRT
Comments: Hello Greg, Great site, wish I had the knowledge to make my own! 73's CUL

Date: Thu 5 March , 2009
Guest: Ann & Robin Pomfret
Comments: Hi Greg i saw you Mollymook Golf Club web site liked it so i looked up your ufo site then to your info page, all infomative and easy to use . I am guessing that you live around Mollymook . I would like to talk to you about improving our club web site . If you want to contact us by email or telephone on 44541448 that would be great. thanks Ann & Robin Pomfret

Date: Sun 15 February , 2009
Guest: Greg
Comments: I have just updated my website with a new design.

Date: Fri 16 January , 2009
Guest: Greg
Comments: It must have worked, as I have no more spam messages. Happy New Year 2009.

Date: Sat 3 January , 2009
Guest: Greg
Comments: I have tried to stop spam messages here with a new program.

Date: Sat 20 December , 2008
Guest: Chris VK2UW
Comments: Hi Greg, good to catch up with you after a long break in between contacts. Great site and congratulations to you both on the Wedding. Can you send the program for writing QSL cards? to other Amateurs for there own use? works very well and saves costs for postage etc. 73's de Chris VK2UW

Date: Tue 16 December , 2008
Guest: Greg
Comments: Thank You Everyone, I have just added a spam email filter. When you enter your email address it will only be checked to see if it is a valid one. It will not be displayed in my Guest Book. Merry Christmas 2008 to all.............

Date: Mon 10 November , 2008
Guest: Ianeta Taylor
Comments: Checked out your photos folks & you all look so happy & relaxed on your special occasion. That's often missing at wedding ceremonies cause the stress factor takes over. But not in your case! Keep smiling & be happy! xxx

Date: Sat 13 September , 2008
Guest: Bruce ZL1AAO
Comments: HI just signing to let you know I looked you up after on chat on 20m. Hope to catch up with you again when all my current experiments are done. Will have to put my shack back together and get some photos posted on 73's to you and Elsie,

Date: Sun 7 September , 2008
Guest: Kev from Bunnings
Comments: Hi Greg Nice work with the site.

Date: Wed 3 September , 2008
Guest: KR7KZ
Comments: Hi Greg! Very nice QSO we had this evening. You have a veery cool website. I hope work you again! Jerry 73

Date: Fri 30 May , 2008
Guest: Dad
Comments: You're difficult to contact these days, you know. So I hope this brief message will get through. What say you send me a short email of your current working/home hours so I'll be able to contact you at home. I know that your new employers are not to thrilled with employees taking/sending messages on their own mobile phones. See ya, DAD

Date: Mon 26 May , 2008
Guest: vk7fsrc
Comments: hi greg,thanks for the contact into ulladulla,great signal to hobart tasmania. i use to live there too,i have been spoilt living there,have had some of the best time of my young life there. i was a tiling there for about 18 mts.i also love to surf,and had many memorable surfs there like australia day 1989,at gillos bawlly point.look forward to catching up to you again greg. steve vk7fsrc,hobart 73s greg,steve crump.

Date: Mon 26 May , 2008
Guest: Ronnie KK7YC
Comments: Greg cool web site I have enjoyed surfing around it! Enjoyed the chat on 20m and hope to meet you again som time 73's Ronnie KK7YC

Date: Wed 14 May , 2008
Guest: Hans VK5YX
Comments: Hi Greg, I looked at most of the stuff on your site. I'm impressed. I trust business is good. 73 to you and Elsie! -Hans. PS My XYL is Lesley. She is VK5HLS. You can view entries on for each of us.

Date: Fri 8 February , 2008
Guest: vk3fstu
Comments: hi again greg we had a qso on friday night on 7.079 40 m at 9.05 pm thanks for the chat and 73 ( great web page)

Date: Thu 31 January , 2008
Guest: Ken VK2CWI
Comments: I Like your web site home page, looks great 73s vk2cwi in Narooma

Date: Wed 30 January , 2008
Guest: Ian VK3IDM
Comments: Great site Greg.It looks like you have discovered your own piece of Paradise in Ulladulla.

Date: Sun 13 January , 2008
Guest: Karel.PA3GJU
Comments: Hello OM. Very nice homesite. Best greetings from the Netherlands. De PA3GJU. KAREL 73....

Date: Thu 27 December , 2007

Date: Tue 20 November , 2007
Guest: Steve Dunleavy
Comments: Great site Greg, hope one day to get to Ulladulla with Lynelle. If the surf is good you and I could get out for a body bash. If not a bit of photography, because the other sports you have been into would probably kill me. Loved the web page, catch you soon on the air. Best wishes Steve VK4KUS

Date: Fri 2 November , 2007
Guest: Warwick
Comments: Your site works again cya

Date: Sat 13 October , 2007
Guest: Cliff Bilston VK3Cb
Comments: Hi again Greg, nice web site......Thanks for a good contact, and hope it is the first of many. I do not keep good health and have have a very bad heart so may push on at any time !!!! but hope to be around to have many more chats. Please call me if you hear me and keep up the good work.... always to have nice qso\'s with interesting people. Cheers Cliff de ChatterBox.

Date: Sat 13 October , 2007
Guest: gino zl2grz
Comments: Hi there Greg.Nice little QSO today,had a look at your site very nice indeed although sorry I didn't get to find out about ULLADULLA I know will google it ! 73 good dx to you Gino ZL2GRZ

Date: Thu 11 October , 2007
Guest: VK2SJA
Comments: Gidday Greg, I noticed that you registered with the MSCARC web site. Welcome aboard! So one thing led to another and I found myself checking out your web site. Not bad at all. In fact its very good given that you crafted the site the traditional way with actual hand coded code!-) And no I don't think that I want to try mountain surfing/skateboarding!!!! 73, Steve. VK2SJA

Date: Thu 20 September , 2007
Guest: Paul Allan
Comments: Yes, I've looked Greg, not that I have understood much. But interesting.

Date: Fri 7 September , 2007
Guest: Carl Braun AG6X
Comments: Greg Nice working you on 14 Mhz! Good luck with the DX! Carl Fallbrook, CA

Date: Fri 17 August , 2007
Guest: charlie b
Comments: great stories and pics, your next project should be to build a blog so we can read your stories and see you pics on a regular basis

Date: Wed 1 August , 2007
Guest: Michael Larymore
Comments: Some nice waves in there Greg. Hope all goes well down the Sth Coast. Keep in touch

Date: Mon 25 June , 2007
Guest: Peter "The Bear" Adare
Comments: Well done Coges. I'll have a good look around. Where's the shop interface? Hope to see you in barrel soon. Love to you all. Pete

Date: Tue 12 June , 2007
Guest: Greg Cogar
Comments: Hi Everyone Thank you for dropping in. I hope you enjoy my site. I am working hard to add more content and will keep improving my site when I can. I would really appreciate any comments and suggestions that you might have. I will be happy to respond if you include your email address. Have a nice day. Kind Regards, Greg