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Date: Wed 3 July, 2024

Callsign: IU2EBQ

Name: giorgio

Comments: Hi Greg, thanks a lot for our qso, it is a great pleasure having contact you many times via long path with my small station (only 100 w with a rotative dipole) you probably forgot to insert our last contact on 20 m dated 03 july

Date: Sat 8 June, 2024

Callsign: M7FTM

Name: Andy

Comments: Evening Greg, Got a great signal on yourself, Grant & Peter VK3HX this morning here. Bit of a pile up. Will call in tomorrow if you’re about. Have a great weekend. Got relatives over from WA Kojonup for a couple of months. Showing them around. They can’t believe I can hear you guys, they have a radio on the farm for emergencies etc.

Date: Mon 3 June, 2024

Callsign: ON5VN

Name: nOÊL

Comments: Good morning Grag & Grant 3/06/2024 great job 5 5 AND 5 7 to Belgium. Good afternoon and enjoy the evening. 73's Noël

Date: Mon 29 April, 2024

Callsign: M7GBS

Name: david

Comments: listening now 25w from uk

Date: Thu 11 April, 2024

Callsign: DL3WB

Name: Willi

Comments: TNX for so much nice QSO s from Down Under best regards from Germany Willi 73

Date: Tue 9 April, 2024

Callsign: N9LIB

Name: Quince

Comments: Just wanted to say thank you again for the contact on 10M I took a shot and it was a difficult copy for you and you made my day! We both run the same radio and they are are real workhorse. 73s N9lIB

Date: Mon 1 April, 2024

Callsign: KK5XU

Name: Danny

Comments: Greg I was really surprised that 17m was open at that time of night. Really nice QSO away from the contest. 73's KK5XU Danny

Date: Fri 29 March, 2024

Callsign: F4VTT

Name: Andy

Comments: Hi Greg. Just a quick comment. I couldn't get on your list today because your webpage said my call sign was invalid and I am a pirate!!

Date: Fri 22 March, 2024

Callsign: AD5IT

Name: Jimmy

Comments: Great Contact with you on 10 meters yesterday. Look forward to working you again in the future on some more bands.

Date: Fri 15 March, 2024

Callsign: VK3JKV

Name: John

Comments: Hi Greg, You were my first DX HF contact after 50 years of going quiet. I have now set up my QRZ.com page which you put me onto, We spoke on 14.177 at 15.00 on the 22/2. Many thanks for my first contact Best Regard, John

Date: Wed 21 February, 2024

Callsign: IZ0TTG

Name: Dario

Comments: I'm happy Greg to have connected you thanks to your long path directional antenna!! Also thank you to your friends Grant and Dick. ((73)) and good DX! and... always continue like this!!! ((73)) de IZØTTG Dario.

Date: Sun 17 December, 2023

Callsign: KQ4GEB

Name: Danny J Bretthorst

Comments: It was great talking to you this morning, and appreciate the certificate and OSL cards! I love this program, did you develop it? Would love something like this. Hope to catch you again! 73!

Date: Fri 15 December, 2023

Callsign: K3RR

Name: joe

Comments: listening 14195

Date: Sun 10 December, 2023

Callsign: GW0NNY

Name: Mark

Comments: It was good to have my first qso with you guys, as you know iv been experimenting with qrp ft818 with little success in getting over to VK land. This is partly due to ineffectiveness of a primitive home made dipole iv recently erected in my garden. Although iv owned my ftdx1200 for a number of years iv only been SWL and indeed also at my other QTH sw France where your signal booms in massively! I’ll be there over the Christmas period and with some improvements to antenna thrte I hope to work you guys qrp 5W! Anyway this morning I was also using Yaesu linear FL1300b which I recently acquired at a radio rally for the first time which is a great bit of kit capable of around 800W but after a quick tune up this morning was running at 250/300W. So again thanks for QSO, I’m hoping to work on my antenna today so catch you guys again soon..73’s

Date: Mon 27 November, 2023

Callsign: IU0PXO

Name: Marcello

Comments: Good morning Greg at the moment no propagation hope pick up little later 73 Mate

Date: Thu 23 November, 2023

Callsign: IU0PXO

Name: Marcello

Comments: Hi Greg i will try to call you everyday as long the propagation is there

Date: Mon 6 November, 2023

Callsign: IU8EUN/M

Name: Giuseppe

Comments: Hi Greg, I wanted to thank you for all the lovely certificates of appreciation you sent the siemens to Grant, my daughter really liked them for the curious illustrated characters, congratulations on the design. thanks again for all the QSOs that I manage to do with your station in the morning, 73 and see you tomorrow if you are on air. Joseph iu8eun/m

Date: Mon 6 November, 2023

Callsign: PD112MKNN

Name: Roel Pot

Comments: Hallo Greg, Dank voor het QSO vanmorgen met mijn special call PD112MKNN ter gelegenheid van het IPA contest.

Date: Sun 5 November, 2023

Callsign: GW0NNY

Name: Mark

Comments: Hi Greg..tried to have qso from sw France but I’m qrp 6W yeasu ft818. Your report 58/9. Hope to catch you another time Best 73

Date: Wed 1 November, 2023

Callsign: GW0NNY

Name: Mark

Comments: Hi Greg..I’m SWL currently a few km east of Bergerac, in SW France.. Your signal this morning was amazingly 59+ on a long wire!! I’m using Yaesu FT818. Your audio was perfect and I have to say I immediately thought you were local due to the nature of your signal. Anyway best 73’s to you and yours Mark

Date: Sat 28 October, 2023

Callsign: PD1ATH

Name: Auke Hoekstra

Comments: Hello Greg. Thanks for the qso and thanks for the awards, I have now posted them on my QRZ page. and you have created a nice QRZ page, lots of DX and maybe we will meet on the 40 or 10 meter band, we have not had contact on those bands yet. Greetings Auke PD1ATH

Date: Wed 25 October, 2023

Callsign: EA3/DH5SAM

Name: Uwe

Comments: Tnx for qso on 20m from my portable qth close to Tarragona...what a happy day that you catch my weak qrp signals this evening/morning All the best 73 Hope to see you next on the band EA3 /DH5SAM qrp OP Uwe

Date: Fri 6 October, 2023

Callsign: KI5ZDQ

Name: Scott

Comments: Great chatting with you a bit today, Greg. Thanks for taking my call from western Texas in Davis Mountains State Park. 73, Scott

Date: Sat 2 September, 2023

Callsign: DJ6JH

Name: John

Comments: DX Helper is a great Idea. More DX Station (Expeditions?) should use a similar program

Date: Fri 28 July, 2023

Callsign: IU1PZC


Comments: This is my first time in SSB in Australian Land...many tnx Greg....i'm so happy!
All the best for you! - Ricky IU1PZC

Date: Wed 26 July, 2023

Callsign: F4HUG

Name: christiab farrando

Comments: very fine business for your site congratulation

Date: Wed 26 July, 2023

Callsign: AK3G

Name: Eric Kareem

Comments: Great to chat with you this morning Greg!
Thank you for another opportunity to build bridges and bring people together!

Date: Thu 13 July, 2023

Callsign: VK2ADF

Name: Bob

Comments: G’day Greg, saw your software in action today making contact with vk2aoc.
I wonder if I could get a copy and how much for it?

Date: Thu 13 July, 2023

Callsign: IZ3KVD

Name: Giorgio

Comments: Hi Greg, Thank's for the contact on 20 metres this morning

Date: Mon 3 July, 2023

Callsign: SV1FZZ

Name: takis

Comments: dear friend Greg thank you for the communication at 20m 03/07/2023 the sign was 55 I'm sorry, I don't have much power except for only 70-80 watts of speech but I'm doing my job, I don't need it anymore and thanks again friend! have a good day and lots of DX !!

Date: Thu 15 June, 2023

Callsign: F5PXF

Name: Denis

Comments: Thank you Greg for the nice QSO on 20 m band. It was a very pleasure. 73 to you .

Date: Mon 22 May, 2023

Callsign: IU0PXO

Name: Marcello

Comments: Greg, i love Your new program on Qrz

Date: Tue 25 April, 2023

Callsign: AH6J

Name: BOB


Date: Thu 20 April, 2023

Callsign: VE3XLF

Name: Mike Cashion

Comments: Hello Greg. I really enjoyed our recent QSO. You are a real professional operator. Love your QRZ page and other pages you designed. Wishing you and yours all the best from Canada. Take care and very 73. Mike VE3XLF

Date: Wed 12 April, 2023

Callsign: F4ELR

Name: fred

Comments: Hello Greg ,thank you for lovely contact 20m hope to ear you soon best regards from SW France 73s Fred ;-))

Date: Mon 10 April, 2023

Callsign: 29KPI100

Name: Jamie daly

Comments: Hearing u radio 5 signal 7 hear in the Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪.in 14.251mhz ssb Radio yasue 450d Enfed Athena 49/1 balloon

Date: Fri 31 March, 2023

Callsign: N9VFP

Name: Gaylon McAllister

Comments: Thank you Greg for the QSO on 20m and the advice about the QRZ page.

Date: Thu 23 March, 2023

Callsign: XE2SMG


Comments: Hola Greg, Espero que se encuentren todos bien por el QTH. Saludos desde Mexico. 73 Dx

Date: Mon 20 March, 2023

Callsign: AI5BK

Name: Stan Cuquet "Big Kahuna"

Comments: Hi Geg, great making the contact with you on 10m great signal my friend.Iam blown away by your online program and I'll probably see about more info on it. 73 for now and all the best ...AI5 BIG KAHUNA

Date: Sat 25 February, 2023

Callsign: VK2VRJ


Comments: Hey Greg, Is there a trial version of ON air logbook that I can have a play with before committing to the purchase? Cheers.

Date: Sat 18 February, 2023

Callsign: EP5MKN

Name: Majid

Comments: Hello dear friend nice to see your page i hope you are doing well hope to meet you on the air is that your 4 element 4 band hf antenna is home brew ? i would like to made mono or tri band yagi hf antenna so any information is very appreciate thank you very much 73 majid EP5MKN

Date: Thu 15 December, 2022


Name: Rob

Comments: Evening Greg. Coming in loud and clear over here in Auck. Fair roaring in.

Date: Mon 28 November, 2022

Callsign: VK5QD

Name: Aub

Comments: maybe 'sporadic E' (Es) - season has begun if the strong signals we experienced today between us are anything to judge by - Greg. If so Es will make for a bit of extra 'daytime' fun on HF. Good to hear you today

Date: Wed 23 November, 2022

Callsign: ON6ZK

Name: Hans Geyskens

Comments: Hi how can I use this QSL service ? I would like to make my own digital QSL !

Date: Tue 11 October, 2022

Callsign: PD1RHB

Name: Ralph Hess Busselaar

Comments: Hi Greg, Thank's for the contact on 10 metres this morning

Date: Tue 23 August, 2022

Callsign: VK3TDX

Name: Barry

Comments: Listen via Ironstone SDR 7.150 5/7

Date: Sun 14 August, 2022

Callsign: VK2PCT

Name: Paul

Comments: Nice job

Date: Sun 26 June, 2022

Callsign: VK1DDG

Name: Allan Moore

Comments: Hi Greg, thank you for the QSO this afternoon. A shame that I had a poor signal, 10 watts being my maximum. Working on the upgrade. Cheers, Allan

Date: Tue 22 February, 2022

Callsign: VK4DJC

Name: David Christmas

Comments: Hi Greg, Thank's for the contact on 10 metres this morning 22/02/2022.

Date: Sun 9 January, 2022

Callsign: VK7HOB

Name: Brett

Comments: Thanks for a great chat on Sunday Morning 9/1/22...Constant 5/9 and audio spot on and thanks also for the tips on this website and associated programmes absolute credit to you My friend Hope to catch you soon 73 Brett

Date: Tue 4 January, 2022

Callsign: JM2HBO

Name: Terunoobu Hashimoto

Comments: Thank your for your QSO on 15 meters SSB (21.250MHz) with VK8NSB Stue, See you again de JM2HBO Teru

Date: Sat 18 December, 2021

Callsign: HS0ZNR

Name: Bradley

Comments: Always a pleasure making a contact with you Greg.. take care mate Brad

Date: Sat 23 October, 2021

Callsign: VK5ZRN

Name: Michael

Comments: Thanks for the contact on 40M this evening, Looking forward to catching up. 73, Michael...

Date: Tue 14 September, 2021

Callsign: TBD

Name: Pete Rollins

Comments: My brother got into ham radio over the last year and has intrigued me to look into it as well. I am not licensed but I found a good internet site to start to listen in to see if this is as great as I hope it will be, and I came across your transmission 13 Sep 2021 at 22:55 Arizona Time here in the states. Thanks for just being out there and helping me get exciting about amateur radio.

Date: Mon 21 June, 2021

Callsign: VK3SMW

Name: Steven Wilson

Comments: thanks for the contact 56 with qsb greg thanks again 73s

Date: Wed 19 May, 2021

Callsign: EA7KNK


Comments: thanks for the nice qso and for the cool email and qsl card congrats on the top class qrz page and links

Date: Wed 7 April, 2021

Callsign: EI9HW

Name: John FitzGerald

Comments: Thank you for allowing me in to exchange reports this morning on 7 mhz this morning Greg ,congratulations on the On Air Logging program , looking forward to its release .

Date: Mon 15 March, 2021

Callsign: WO5R

Name: Cotton

Comments: Greg, A pleasure to meet you longpath. Looking forward to better sunspots and QSO's soon. Great website. Cheers. 73, Cotton wo5r

Date: Sun 8 November, 2020

Callsign: IW7DZN

Name: giuseppe pomes

Comments: Many thanks for listening my little station.. Best 73's see you again.

Date: Sat 11 July, 2020

Callsign: VK4CDB

Name: Craig Burnett

Comments: Hi Greg, Thanks for the contact on 40M late this afternoon. I try and make at least one contact a week on HF and the enthusiasm warm. A colleague asked me what amateur radio was about? I scratched my head and replied, meeting people, helping people, making things, experimenting and having some fun with radio. --... ...--

Date: Sat 2 May, 2020

Callsign: DL5RBW

Name: Roger

Comments: Hi Greg, thanks for the QSO today (2020-05-02). Your OnAirLogbook is a fantastic program - congratulations! Best regards from Bavaria/Germany

Date: Fri 17 April, 2020

Callsign: AJ4EN

Name: Bobby L. Gosnell II

Comments: Thanks for contact again. Stay safe and healthy my friend. 73's cheer mate

Date: Sat 29 February, 2020

Callsign: VK5IJ

Name: Ian

Comments: Thanks for 40M QSO Greg and QSL card. Best 73 CU soon under better conditions.

Date: Thu 12 September , 2019

Callsign: AJ4EN

Name: Bobby L. Gosnell II

Comments: Great to work you again Greg. 73's and cheers mate

Date: Mon 5 August, 2019

Callsign: VK2FHAM

Name: Richard

Comments: Nice to make contact with you Greg, difficult conditions using my homebrew g5rv junior made with tv ladder line. To be adjusted for better contacts when I can afford a antenna analyzer. I'm situated 55klm north of coffs harbour. 73 Greg.

Date: Sun 28 July, 2019

Callsign: ZL1MY

Name: Glenn Carss

Comments: Great to make the contact Greg while I was portable. Hope to catch you again soon 73 ZL1MY

Date: Thu 18 July, 2019

Callsign: VK3FFB

Name: Dieter Pelz

Comments: Fine work Greg. Good to see you so active again and well. Hope to have many more QSOs with you.

Date: Mon 15 July, 2019

Callsign: VK5QD

Name: Aub

Comments: Thanks for the QSL card Greg and for the contact on the weekend