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Date: Sat 23 October, 2021

Callsign: VK5ZRN

Name: Michael

Comments: Thanks for the contact on 40M this evening, Looking forward to catching up. 73, Michael...

Date: Tue 14 September, 2021

Callsign: TBD

Name: Pete Rollins

Comments: My brother got into ham radio over the last year and has intrigued me to look into it as well. I am not licensed but I found a good internet site to start to listen in to see if this is as great as I hope it will be, and I came across your transmission 13 Sep 2021 at 22:55 Arizona Time here in the states. Thanks for just being out there and helping me get exciting about amateur radio.

Date: Mon 21 June, 2021

Callsign: VK3SMW

Name: Steven Wilson

Comments: thanks for the contact 56 with qsb greg thanks again 73s

Date: Wed 19 May, 2021

Callsign: EA7KNK


Comments: thanks for the nice qso and for the cool email and qsl card congrats on the top class qrz page and links

Date: Wed 7 April, 2021

Callsign: EI9HW

Name: John FitzGerald

Comments: Thank you for allowing me in to exchange reports this morning on 7 mhz this morning Greg ,congratulations on the On Air Logging program , looking forward to its release .

Date: Mon 15 March, 2021

Callsign: WO5R

Name: Cotton

Comments: Greg, A pleasure to meet you longpath. Looking forward to better sunspots and QSO's soon. Great website. Cheers. 73, Cotton wo5r

Date: Sun 8 November, 2020

Callsign: IW7DZN

Name: giuseppe pomes

Comments: Many thanks for listening my little station.. Best 73's see you again.

Date: Sat 11 July, 2020

Callsign: VK4CDB

Name: Craig Burnett

Comments: Hi Greg, Thanks for the contact on 40M late this afternoon. I try and make at least one contact a week on HF and the enthusiasm warm. A colleague asked me what amateur radio was about? I scratched my head and replied, meeting people, helping people, making things, experimenting and having some fun with radio. --... ...--

Date: Sat 2 May, 2020

Callsign: DL5RBW

Name: Roger

Comments: Hi Greg, thanks for the QSO today (2020-05-02). Your OnAirLogbook is a fantastic program - congratulations! Best regards from Bavaria/Germany

Date: Fri 17 April, 2020

Callsign: AJ4EN

Name: Bobby L. Gosnell II

Comments: Thanks for contact again. Stay safe and healthy my friend. 73's cheer mate

Date: Sat 29 February, 2020

Callsign: VK5IJ

Name: Ian

Comments: Thanks for 40M QSO Greg and QSL card. Best 73 CU soon under better conditions.

Date: Thu 12 September , 2019

Callsign: AJ4EN

Name: Bobby L. Gosnell II

Comments: Great to work you again Greg. 73's and cheers mate

Date: Mon 5 August, 2019

Callsign: VK2FHAM

Name: Richard

Comments: Nice to make contact with you Greg, difficult conditions using my homebrew g5rv junior made with tv ladder line. To be adjusted for better contacts when I can afford a antenna analyzer. I'm situated 55klm north of coffs harbour. 73 Greg.

Date: Sun 28 July, 2019

Callsign: ZL1MY

Name: Glenn Carss

Comments: Great to make the contact Greg while I was portable. Hope to catch you again soon 73 ZL1MY

Date: Thu 18 July, 2019

Callsign: VK3FFB

Name: Dieter Pelz

Comments: Fine work Greg. Good to see you so active again and well. Hope to have many more QSOs with you.

Date: Mon 15 July, 2019

Callsign: VK5QD

Name: Aub

Comments: Thanks for the QSL card Greg and for the contact on the weekend